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The last couple days have been a little crazy out there on the armor forums.  Just the idea of armor fans getting together and talking about armor is great. Big kudos to the forum founders who put out all the effort to create and maintain those forums. That is an incredible amount of work and those of us who love armor, salute you!

However, on a slightly more sour note. There are always people out there with agendas. You know them at work, the perpetual sour puss. There is always one. I have always done my best to steer clear of drama and negativity. I figure that life is way too short to dwell on anything negative. So, it is always a bummer when you run across those same old negative people with agendas on the forums. They might actually be quite happy people but for some reason they have established an agenda, perhaps an alliance with a particular armorer. Which is great. However when it is taken to the next level and they feel that they need to bash one armor maker, in order to garner perhaps additional orders for their armorer is so unfortunate. I kind of feel sorry for them in a way. Just the mere fact that they feel overwhelmingly compelled to spew ridiculous slanderings is such a waste of energy.

Great armor speaks for itself. And I will always be the first to acknowledge fantastic armor, no matter who produces it.

For those on the forums who love to sling mud, it is time to move on.  Anger is not helpful and it is disrespectful to the thousands of us who love our armor forums. So lets keep our forums meaningful and useful.

And for those people who find themselves on the receiving end of negative forum comments, I wish you all the best and hope that things will look better very soon.


I really love to support local charities and I have just recently been approached by a local childrens charity to help out. They are having a fundraising auction in May in the Portland metro area to help raise funds for a new building for their school. I am thinking that I may indeed offer them a finished stormtrooper helmet for their silent auction. That is what they want. So we shall see if anybody bids on it. Should be fun! And if anybody in the Portland, Oregon area is interested in attending the auction just to get their hands on what will probably be a highly discounted TK bucket…you can always email me and I can give you details on when and where this auction is, if you want to try to get your hands on, what I think is a pretty cool helmet. Cheers!

New forming equipment

I have been working like a mad man trying to finish up some modifications to a new forming machine that I have. I am pretty excited about it. So I have been putting in long hours over the last couple of weeks, going to steel yards and welding supply places, getting everything that I need to do the work. Once it is up and running which should be in 2 or 3 days, it is going to be great. I cannot wait to do some test pulls!


Well for those of us who love armor and try to create fan-made armor and spend countless hours hand sculpting our treasures…it is very unfortuante when we run across a blatant recaster of our work. And this week, it appears that there may be another recaster of my work out there. This seems to be a regular occurrence and is very frustrating…especially when the recaster is trying to sell their recasted knock-offs as original handmade items. Those of us who really and truly know our armor would recognize the flaws that always become apparent with recasters. But for some people it is much more difficult to tell the difference in quality from an online photo.

So to those who have my back and alert me to the recasters who cheaply copy my work, I send you a great thanks.


Well it has been the LONGEST year of my life, trying sooo hard to finish up the stormtrooper armor. Who knew it would take this long! It is ridiculous almost. If I was a complete stranger and knew absolutely nothing about making armor, I would wonder what in the world could possibly take so long! However, since I am the one who is handsculpting each piece…I understand more. Although I never in a million years thought that I would still be working on it 12 months later.

So the helmet is done and it looks pretty great. I have been resculpting the butt plate this last week and then I have to fine tune the ab plate. I have been doing test pulls and I will not be happy until all the armor is absolutely 100% screen accurate and perfect. Although perfection is something we all strive for in the fan based armor arena, who knows if we really achieve it. All I can do is base success upon fan reactions. So hopefully with fingers crossed, everyone will love this set of armor as much as I hope to…when I am finished. Which will hopefully be very, very, very SOON!


So, we have been debating going to Florida for Celebration V. How can we NOT go??!! We have to go…but the costs add up big time and the lines are long and crazy.

So, who else is going and are you finding any deals on hotels? To rent a car or not? In Florida, you almost have to. We actually were thinking about renting a house. Houses are almost the same price as a hotel room, but with a full kitchen and some have pools. It would be awesome to share a house. Anybody else thinking about going and want to rent a house together?


It is a new year and there are lots of great things to look forward to this year. Celebration V is coming in August and we cannot wait to go!!!

And something that we have been looking forward to for a loooong time is to see our Stormtrooper finished & ready for all. And I am telling you, we are soo sooo close. It looks amazing too. I am going to try to post some pics soon!


Hello again,

I’d like to address one piece of the snowtrooper armor specifically. It’s been a continuing topic of debate and a personal pet peeve of mine. Many of you, I’d even say most wear your ab plate as you see it displayed on the touring LFL snowtrooper. Let me ask you all a question: Do you think that the person in charge of assembling that display was the same person that designed the armor? You’ll notice that the top of the ab plate is the same shape as the bottom of the chest. This was an intentional design. When worn in the correct position, the ab lays flat above the cod and just inside the chest contour. Otherwise when it’s upside down, the top of the ab is always shoved behind or overlapping the cod and rubbing on the bottom of the chest. Some may argue that the snowtroopers in the film wore their abs in the same fashion as the LFL display. The truth is that the majority did not. Every film has it’s errors and costuming errors are common. Simple logic will tell you which way to wear a snowtrooper ab correctly but the choice is yours.

My brother in arms

I’d like to honor the passing of Joe Price who inspired me to try my best and encouraged my creativity. I feel very fortunate to have met him and to have had the opportunity to exchange ideas and insights. Joe had a passion and a talent for doing the things that brought him joy. His sculpting abilities were very apparent in his own original projects. He gave good advise and he always did everything he could to provide me with the recourses and materials to make my projects easier. It was an honor to work with him over the years and to have had him consider me a brother.  His enthusiasm for armor and the art of costuming will be greatly missed by the Star Wars community

Hello everyone,

 Thanks for checking out the site.  It will actually be undergoing a makeover within the next few weeks so be sure to come back and check out the new pics.